Related types

This page documents other special types used by the Apple Bazel rules.


A struct containing the possible modes for entitlements_validation attribute on the bundling rules.

Provisioning profiles are not bundled into "simulator" builds. With a native Xcode project, Xcode's UI will show errors/issues if you navigate to the capabilities UI, but it doesn't actually prevent these simluator builds. However, with "device" builds, Xcodes does validation before starting the build steps for a target and raises errors (preventing the build) if there is any issues.

These values can be used for the rules that support the entitlements_validation attribute to set the desired validation behavior during builds.


Perform the checks and raise errors for any issues found.


Perform the checks and only raise warnings for any issues found.


Perform the checks and raise warnings for "simulator" builds, but raise errors for "device" builds.


Perform no checks at all.

This should only be need in cases where the build result is not used directly, and some external process resigns the build after the fact correcting the entitlements/provisioning.

The loose value is closest to what a native Xcode project would do in that it doesn't prevevent a simulator build, but does stop a device build. The main difference being it atleast raises warnings to let you know of the issue with the target since they would prevent one from deploying the build to a device.

Example usage:


    name = "MyApp",
    entitlements = "MyApp.entitlements",
    entitlements_validation = entitlements_validation_mode.error,
    # other attributes...