Before contributing, please see the note on our current priorities. In short, we're able to take bugfixes to critical features, but cannot guarantee that we'll be able to review new features in a timely manner.

To contribute to Stardoc, first see the official contributing notice, then feel free to fork the Stardoc GitHub repository and start submitting pull requests.

In general, we prefer contributions that fix bugs or add features (as opposed to purely stylistic, refactoring, or "cleanup" changes). Please check with us by opening a GitHub Issue or emailing the bazel-dev mailing list.

Stardoc code structure

  • The bazelbuild/stardoc repository contains Stardoc's Starlark code alongside Stardoc's prebuilt java binaries (jars).
  • The source code for Stardoc's jars can be found under the bazelbuild/bazel source tree here. Changes to Stardoc's java binaries will thus require creation of pull requests to the bazelbuild/bazel repository.
  • Changes to Stardoc's source are pulled in by updating bazelbuild/stardoc's dependency on the bazel source tree and and then rebuilding the binary using bazel. This process is done periodically by Stardoc's core contributors (generally with large changes to Stardoc source, and right before cutting a new Stardoc release).

Contributing to Stardoc

  • Stardoc is part of the Bazel project. Read the Bazel governance plan and Stardoc's contribution guidelines.
  • Open an Issue or discuss your plan or design on the bazel-dev mailing list.
  • Prepare a Git commit that implements your feature or bug fix. Don't forget to add tests and reference the corresponding bug, if any.
  • Open a Pull Request on the Stardoc repository. This will require that you have signed a Contributor License Agreement.
  • Complete a code review with a core contributor. Amend your patch by making additional commits or rebasing with HEAD if there are conflicts with new commits on the master branch.
  • Once the code review is complete, your reviewer will squash/merge your pull request to the master branch.

Core Contributors

The current group of Stardoc core contributors are: