Stardoc is a documentation generator for Bazel build rules written in Starlark.

Stardoc provides a Starlark rule (stardoc) that can be used to build Markdown documentation for Starlark rules, providers, and functions. Starlark generates one documentation page per stardoc target.

If you are new to writing build rules for Bazel, please read the Bazel documentation on writing extensions


Edit your WORKSPACE file as shown in the WORKSPACE setup section for the current Stardoc release.

Then add

load("@io_bazel_stardoc//stardoc:stardoc.bzl", "stardoc")

to your BUILD or .bzl file to start using the stardoc rule.

Next Steps

Now you are ready to document your Starlark rules.

  • Learn about the docstring format used to document Starlark rules.
  • Learn about how you can use Stardoc's build rules to generate your documentation in Markdown format.