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Version: 5.9.x


The info command prints values for the following keys.

A key can be supplied as an argument, such as info bazel-bin or if no argument is given, most key/values are printed.

bazel-binConfiguration dependent directory for binaries.
bazel-genfilesConfiguration dependent directory for generated files.
bazel-testlogsConfiguration dependent directory for logs from a test run.
build-languagePrint a binary-encoded protocol buffer with the build language structure.
character-encodingInformation about the character encoding used by the running JVM.
client-envThe specifications to freeze the current client environment. 1
command_logLocation of the log containing the output from the build commands.
committed-heap-sizeAmount of memory in bytes that is committed for the JVM to use.
default-package-pathThe default package path.
execution_rootA directory that makes all input and output files visible to the build.
gc-countNumber of garbage collection runs.
gc-timeThe approximate accumulated time spend on garbage collection.
install_baseThe installation base directory.
java-homeLocation of the current Java runtime.
java-runtimeName and version of the current Java runtime environment.
java-vmName and version of the current Java virtual machine.
max-heap-sizeMaximum amount of memory in bytes that can be used for memory management.
output_baseA directory for shared bazel state. 2
output_pathThe output directory.
package_pathThe search path for resolving package labels.
peak-heap-sizeThe peak amount of used memory in bytes after any call to System.gc().
releasebazel release identifier.
repository_cacheThe location of the repository download cache used.
server_logThe bazel server log path.
server_pidThe bazel process id.
starlark-semanticsThe effective set of Starlark semantics option values.
used-heap-sizeThe amount of used memory in bytes. 3
used-heap-size-after-gcThe amount of used memory in bytes after a call to System.gc().
workspaceThe working directory of the server.

  1. Note that this is not a good indicator of the actual memory use, as it includes any remaining inaccessible memory.
  2. As well as tool and strategy specific subdirectories.
  3. The output can be added to the project-specific rc file. See