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Codelabs, revisited

Here is the codelabs repository: This is a small playground where we can use Bazel to accomplish some basic tasks.

The repo has checkpoints in branches:  1. The default git branch, called start has an existing monorepo layout but no Bazel yet. 1. dependencies adds third-party dependency fetching: 1. packages adds BUILD files: 1. final adds CI:

In the 101 course, we start from the final branch where Bazel is already configured. In the 201 course, you'll learn how to configure it from scratch, so we will git reset --hard start.

Exercise: Get the code

Clone the repo to your machine so you can follow along.

  • If you'd rather, you can pair up with someone near you.
  • Or, just follow along with the instructor, and come back to the codelab later.