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Version: 5.9.x



You can connect to the Grafana dashboard that shows metrics of the infrastructure. We expect you to the have kubectl and aws or gcloud installed on your system.


Install kubectl;

Install (AWS only);

Install (GCP only);

After installation make sure that you have authorized the CLI to connect the cloud platform.

For GCP; see, For AWS; see

With CLI properly configured, run the following command to add access to the kubectl context.

For GCP, run;

gcloud container clusters get-credentials cluster --region "<REGION_HERE>" --project "<PROJECT_ID>"

WARNING: If you are seeing "CRITICAL: ACTION REQUIRED: gke-gcloud-auth-plugin, which is needed for continued use of kubectl, was not found or is not executable. Install gke-gcloud-auth-plugin for use with kubectl by following", run gcloud components install gke-gcloud-auth-plugin and run the gcloud command above again.

For AWS, run;

aws eks update-kubeconfig --region "<REGION_HERE>" --name aw-services

Finally, run;

grafana_pod=$(kubectl get pods -n observability -l "" -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}")
grafana_port=$(kubectl get pod "$grafana_pod" -n observability -o jsonpath='{.spec.containers[?("grafana")].ports[?("grafana")].containerPort}')
kubectl port-forward "pods/$grafana_pod" "3000:$grafana_port" -n observability

Navigate to http://localhost:3000 on the browser to see the dashboard.