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Introducing Aspect

Introducing Aspect: the comprehensive build, test, and CI/CD platform designed for Bazel, delivering the ultimate end-to-end Bazel experience that developers love.

As developers ourselves, we understand the challenges of maintaining productivity as a project scales with more team members and lines of code. We love monorepos, but we don't love the drag they can introduce on developer satisfaction and efficiency. Bazel is a powerful solution, but it has a steep learning curve. Aspect steps in to bridge this divide, streamlining Bazel adoption and management for Developer Infrastructure teams.

Our platform features:

  1. Aspect Workflows: a streamlined, turn-key Bazel CI/CD system compatible with your existing CI provider, offering:

    • 10x performance boost through Bazel's capabilities
    • Pre-warmed, auto-scaling, persistent CI runners tailored for Bazel workloads
    • Bazel configuration parameters optimized for CI environments
    • A robust, horizontally scaled remote cache
    • Remote execution backed by auto-scaling remote executors
    • Integrated monitoring and metrics for complete visibility
    • Selective delivery of only release artifacts affected by each change set
    • Seamless integration with Buildkite, CircleCI, and GitHub Actions (with GitLab CI/CD support coming soon)
    • A hassle-free, maintainable CI/CD system to keep your builds fast and green
  2. Aspect CLI a polished, user-friendly replacement for Bazel in your terminal, featuring a plugin system with a marketplace of available plugins.

  3. Aspect Bazel Rules: Highly compatible Bazel rules for seamless language support plus an extensive collection of Bazel examples.

  4. Professional Services: expert support for Bazel, Aspect Bazel rules, and the broader Bazel ecosystem, available at

Experience the Aspect advantage – the Bazel platform that fuels developer success and maximizes productivity.