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Introducing Aspect

Aspect is a build, test, and CI/CD platform based on Google's Bazel.

We call it "The end-to-end Bazel experience developers want to use." As developers, we understand how difficult it is to be productive as a project scales to large numbers of coworkers and lines of code. We love monorepo, but we don't love the drag it can introduce to developer happiness. We believe that Bazel is a great solution, but the on-ramp is steep. Aspect makes Bazel easier for Developer Infrastructure teams to adopt and operate.

Aspect's platform consists of:

  • The Aspect CLI which replaces bazel in your terminal
    • Focused on polish and usability
    • It includes a plugin system, with a marketplace of available plugins
  • Aspect Workflows is a turn-key Bazel CI/CD setup for your existing CI system
    • Delivers the promised 10x performance benefit of Bazel with
      • Pre-warmed, auto-scaling CI runners optimized for Bazel work loads
      • Bazel configuration parameters tuned for CI
      • Horizontally scaled remote cache
      • Built-in monitoring & metrics
    • Eliminates the need to re-invent & maintain CI/CD systems that keep your build fast & green and deliver release artifacts
  • Our Bazel rules provide the most compatible "plugins" to add language support.
  • We provide an extensive collection of Bazel examples.
  • Support for Bazel and its ecosystem is provided by our Professional Services team at