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Version: 5.9.x

aspect analyze-profile

Analyze build profile data


Analyzes build profile data for the given profile data file(s).

Analyzes each specified profile data file and prints the results. The profile is commonly written to $(bazel info output_base)/command.profile.gz after a build command completes. You can use the --profile=<file> flag to supply an alternative path where the profile is written.

This command just dumps profile data to stdout. To inspect a profile you may want to use a GUI instead, such as the chrome//:tracing interface built into Chromium / Google Chrome, or

By default, a summary of the analysis is printed. For post-processing with scripts, the --dump=raw option is recommended, causing this command to dump profile data in easily-parsed format.

aspect analyze-profile <command.profile.gz> [flags]


  -h, --help   help for analyze-profile

Options inherited from parent commands

      --aspect:config string   User-specified Aspect CLI config file. /dev/null indicates that all further --aspect:config flags will be ignored.
--aspect:interactive Interactive mode (e.g. prompts for user input)