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Version: 5.9.x


You can configure Aspect CLI using directives, which are specially-formatted comments in BUILD files that govern behavior of the tool when visiting files within the Bazel package rooted at that file.


Go directives for generating BUILD files are from the standard gazelle directives.


JavaScript directives for generating BUILD files follow the same format as gazelle. You can use generic directives from the gazelle directives, as well as the following JS/TS specific directives.

TypeScript source files are those ending in .ts, .tsx as well as .js, .mjs. Test source files are source files ending with .spec.ts (and other ts extensions). The test file pattern can be configured with the 'jstest*' directives.

By default aspect configure creates new BUILD files for each directory containing source files. This can be configured to only edit existing BUILD files using the js_generation_mode directive.

Each BUILD file may have a ts_project rule for sources, another for tests, a npm_package rule for pnpm workspace projects, and npm_link_all_packages for linking node_modules. Which rules are configured depends on the source files and directives that apply.

Next, all source files are collected into the srcs of the ts_project, either the primary rule or tests rule.

Finally, the import statements in the source files are parsed, and dependencies are added to the deps attribute of the appropriate ts_project rule which the source file belongs to.

Dependencies may also be found other ways such as from the CommonJS require function.

If a package.json file exists declaring npm dependencies, a npm_link_all_packages rule is generated for declaring depending on individual NPM packages.

If the package.json is a pnpm workspace project a npm_package rule may be generated to enable other projects to declare dependencies on the package.

DirectiveDefault value
# gazelle:js enabled\|disabledenabled
Enable the JavaScript directives.
# gazelle:js_generation_mode none\|directorydirectory
Enable generation of new BUILD files within each directory, or do not generate and only modify existing BUILD files.
# gazelle:js_pnpm_lockfile _lockfile_pnpm-lock.yaml
Path to the pnpm-lock.yaml file containing available npm packages.
This value is inherited by sub-directories and applied relative to each BUILD.
# gazelle:js_ignore_imports _glob_
Imports matching the glob will be ignored when generating BUILD files in the specifying directory and descendants.
# gazelle:js_resolve _glob_ _target_
Imports matching the glob will be resolved to the specified target within the specifying directory and descendants.
This directive is an extension of the standard resolve directive with added glob support and only applying to JavaScript rules.
# gazelle:js_validate_import_statements error\|warn\|offerror
Ensure all import statements map to a known dependency.
# gazelle:js_project_naming_convention _name_{dirname}
The format used to generate the name of the main ts_project rule.
# gazelle:js_tests_naming_convention _name_{dirname}_tests
The format used to generate the name of the test ts_project rule.
# gazelle:js_files _glob_**/*.{ts,tsx}
A glob pattern for files to be included in the main ts_project rule.
Multiple patterns can be specified by using the js_files directive multiple times.
When specified the inherited configuration is replaced, not extended.
# gazelle:js_test_files _glob_**/*.{spec,test}.{ts,tsx}
Equivalent to js_files but for the test ts_project rule.
# gazelle:js_npm_package_target_name _name_{dirname}
The format used to generate the name of the npm_package rule.
# gazelle:js_tsconfig _filename_tsconfig.json
Path to a tsconfig.json file used to help generate TypeScript rules.
This value is inherited by sub-directories and applied relative to each BUILD.
The ts_project(tsconfig) attribute is NOT set and must be done manually if necessary