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Version: 2.1.x

Protocol Buffers and gRPC (UNSTABLE)

UNSTABLE API: contents of this page are not subject to our usual semver guarantees. We may make breaking changes in any release. Please try this API and provide feedback. We intend to promote it to a stable API in a minor release, possibly as soon as v2.1.0.

ts_proto_library uses the Connect library from bufbuild, and supports both Web and Node.js:

This Bazel integration follows the "Local Generation" mechanism described at, using the @bufbuild/protoc-gen-connect-es and @bufbuild/protoc-gen-es packages as plugins to protoc.

The aspect configure command auto-generates ts_proto_library rules as of the 5.7.2 release. It's also possible to compile this library into your Gazelle binary.

Note: this API surface is not included in defs.bzl to avoid eager loads of rules_proto for all rules_ts users.


If you install rules_ts in WORKSPACE, you'll need to install the deps of rules_proto, like this:

load("@rules_proto//proto:repositories.bzl", "rules_proto_dependencies")


If you use bzlmod/MODULE.bazel then no extra install is required.

Future work

  • Allow users to choose other plugins. We intend to wait until supports protoc plugins.
  • Allow users to control the output format. Currently it is hard-coded to js+dts, and the JS output uses ES Modules.

Macros and Functions


A macro to generate JavaScript code and TypeScript typings from .proto files.

Example usage (generated):

load("@aspect_rules_ts//ts:proto.bzl", "ts_proto_library")

# name of resulting ts_proto_library target
name = "",
# Label pointing to the linked node_modules target where @bufbuild/protoc-gen-es is linked, e.g
node_modules = None,



name of resulting ts_proto_library target



Label pointing to the linked node_modules target where @bufbuild/protoc-gen-es is linked, e.g. //:node_modules. Since the generated code depends on @bufbuild/protobuf, this package must also be linked. If has_services = True then @bufbuild/proto-gen-connect-es should be linked as well.


Optional. Default: True

whether the proto file contains a service, and therefore *_connect.{js,d.ts} should be written.


Optional. Default: True

whether to copy the resulting .d.ts files back to the source tree, for the editor to locate them.


Optional. Default: None

which files from the protoc output to copy. By default, scans for *.proto in the current package and replaces with the typical output filenames.



additional named arguments to the ts_proto_library rule