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Version: 1.0.x


Repository rules for translating apko.resolved.json


translate_apko_lock(name, lock, repo_mapping, target_name)

Repository rule to generate starlark code from an apko.resolved.json file.

See documentation.


nameA unique name for this repository.Namerequired
locklabel to the apko.resolved.json file.Labelrequired
repo_mappingA dictionary from local repository name to global repository name. This allows controls over workspace dependency resolution for dependencies of this repository.<p>For example, an entry "@foo": "@bar" declares that, for any time this repository depends on @foo (such as a dependency on @foo//some:target, it should actually resolve that dependency within globally-declared @bar (@bar//some:target).Dictionary: String -> Stringrequired
target_nameinternal. do not use!Stringoptional""