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Version: 1.4.x

Images containing Go applications

Typical users will migrate from go_image in rules_docker.

Base image

First, you'll need a base image.

It's wise to minimize changes by using the same one your current go_image uses. The logic for choosing the default base in rules_docker is in go_image.bzl

Or, you can just use bazel query to find out:

$ bazel query --output=build hello_world:hello_world_go_image
Starting local Bazel server and connecting to it...
# /home/alexeagle/Projects/hello_world/BUILD.bazel:22:9
name = "hello_world_go_image",
base = select({"@io_bazel_rules_docker//:debug": "@go_debug_image_base//image:image", "@io_bazel_rules_docker//:fastbuild": "@go_image_base//image:image", "@io_bazel_rules_docker//:optimized": "@go_image_base//image:image", "//conditions:default": "@go_image_base//image:image"}),

Since we don't use the "debug" config, this tells us that we use @go_base_image, we need one more lookup to see what that uses:

$ bazel query --output=build @go_image_base//image:image
# /shared/cache/bazel/user_base/bf7b6accf6f1187bd5511f3fbf7b21b9/external/go_image_base/image/BUILD:4:17
name = "image",
base_image_registry = "",
base_image_repository = "distroless/base",

Now that we know it's we can pull the same base image by adding to WORKSPACE:

load("@rules_oci//oci:pull.bzl", "oci_pull")

name = "distroless_base",
digest = "sha256:ccaef5ee2f1850270d453fdf700a5392534f8d1a8ca2acda391fbb6a06b81c86",
image = "",
platforms = ["linux/amd64","linux/arm64"],

See more details in the oci_pull docs

The go_image

rules_docker makes you repeat the attributes of go_binary into go_layer. This is a "layering violation" (get it?).

In rules_oci, you just start from a normal go_binary (typically by having Gazelle write it). For this example let's say it's go_binary(name = "app", ...).

Next, put that file into a layer, which is just a .tar file:

load("@rules_pkg//pkg:tar.bzl", "pkg_tar")

name = "tar",
srcs = [":app"],

Finally, add your layer to the base image:

load("@rules_oci//oci:defs.bzl", "oci_image")

name = "image",
base = "@distroless_base",
tars = [":tar"],
entrypoint = ["/app"],


A full example can be found at