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Version: 5.8.x


Configuration for Bazel properties.

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bazel_debug_assistance: boolean = false

If true, Workflows will enable a number of flags and archive extra files that can help debug a number of bazel issues on CI.


binary: string = 'bazel'

The binary to use for 'bazel'.

This can be an absolute path to a binary on disk, a PATH entry, or a relative path to a vendored binary.

It can also be set to an absolute target pattern to enable building a custom CLI or bazel binary during the build, in which case the value in 'bootstrap_bazel' is used to build this target. The target must provide a single file output, and will be used for all subsequent builds in the lifetime of the task.


bootstrap_binary: string = 'bazel'

The binary to use to bootstrap the 'from source' bazel target provided in the 'binary' property.


flags: readonly string[] = []

List of Bazel flags to be applied to each invocation.


rcfiles: readonly string[] = []

A set of bazelrc files that will be set on each task.


use_unreleased_flags: boolean = false

If true, use a set of experimental flags that may improve performance but are only available on unreleased versions of bazel.