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Version: 5.1.x



Workflows is in Alpha is a managed deployment and not ready for self-hosting.

These installation instructions are intended for Aspect Pro customers or those on a free trial. If you want to try Workflows, please contact us for assistance.


  • An AWS subaccount where the infrastructure is deployed
  • Provide Aspect engineers with the ability to Switch Roles into the account

The product is distributed as a workflows.tar file. You unpack this into your terraform repository into a workflows/ folder.


In a future release, we plan to publish to the registry at

Use it

Since the module source is vendored locally, see for how to import the source into your

Here's an example:
module "aspect_workflows" {
source = "./workflows"
customer_id = "MyCorp"
vpc_id = data.terraform_state.outputs.circleci_vpc.vpc_id
vpc_subnets = [data.terraform_state.outputs.circleci_vpc.private_subnets[0]]
enable_ssm_access = true

# Run on CircleCI platform
hosts = ["cci"]

# Define Bazel states we know how to warm up
warming_sets = {
default = {}

resource_types = {
"cci-default" = {
instance_type = "i4i.xlarge"
image_id = "ami-003527be1f1e4d048"
warming = false

runners = {
default = {
min_runners = 0
max_runners = 10
policies = {
warming_manage : module.aspect_workflows.warming_management_policies["default"].arn
resource_type = "cci-default"
agent_idle_timeout = "90m"
job_max_run_time = "5h"
warming = true
warming_set = "default"


Now, just run terraform apply, or use whatever automation you already use for your Infrastructure-as-code such as Atlantis.

You'll get a resulting infrastructure like the following: