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Version: 5.10.x


Configuration for Bazel properties.

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auto_add_bazelrc_file: boolean = true

If true, automatically add the bazelrc file to the invocation when Workflows detects the file next to the configuration file.

If setting this at the root or workspace level, the file is resolved relative to the current workspace.


auto_bazelrc_file: string = 'bazelrc'

Name of the default bazelrc file to add to the invocation. This file should be located next to this configuration file, and will be added automatically if it exists, unless BazelConfiguration.autoAddBazelRcFile is set to false.


bazel_debug_assistance: boolean = false

If true, Workflows will enable a number of flags and archive extra files that can help debug a number of bazel issues on CI.


binary: string = 'bazel'

The binary to use for 'bazel'.

This can be an absolute path to a binary on disk, a PATH entry, or a relative path to a vendored binary.

It can also be set to an absolute target pattern to enable building a custom CLI or bazel binary during the build, in which case the value in 'bootstrap_bazel' is used to build this target. The target must provide a single file output, and will be used for all subsequent builds in the lifetime of the task.


bootstrap_binary: string = 'bazel'

The binary to use to bootstrap the 'from source' bazel target provided in the 'binary' property.


flags: readonly string[] = []

List of Bazel flags to be applied to each invocation.


rcfiles: readonly string[] = []

A set of bazelrc files that will be set on each task.