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Version: 5.9.x


Configuration for a Workspace.


A Workspace is a package in a repository that maps to a single Bazel workspace, where Workflows will run builds for.

There is generally only one workspace, which is considered the default workspace; however, it is not required that this workspace live at the root of a repository.

Each workspace inherits the tasks from the default workspace, but can override as required.

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bazel: BazelConfiguration

Workspace-level bazel configuration. These properties will apply to each bazel based task. Can be overriden at the task level as required.


icon: string = 'peacock'

The icon to assign the workspace (on CI hosts that support icon customization).


label: string = '.'

Label to give the group. Defaults to the workspace name or '.' for the default workspace.


tasks: ReadonlyMap<string, TaskConfiguration>

Map of tasks that should be enabled for this workspace. By default, the tasks inherited from the root workspace, so it is not required to list them twice. Tasks listed here will have their configuration merged with the root.