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Version: 5.9.x

Live Examples

You can see Workflows in action on our open-source repositories.

Here is an example configuration file from aspect-build/rules_jest:

- format:
- buildifier:
- gazelle:
- configure:
- test:
coverage: true
upload_test_logs: executed
- delivery:
auto_deliver: true

This configuration is surprisingly short, because Workflows has all the right defaults to run Bazel. Based on this configuration, Aspect Workflows automatically generates the CI configuration for your CI provider.

Running Aspect Workflows on Buildkite & AWS, the above Workflows configuration generates a Buildkite pipeline that looks this:

Browse live examples

Checkout the live examples for your CI provider below.

Browse Aspect Workflows + Buildkite deployments on our open source repositories:

  1. On AWS: rules_jest is our live example Workflows deployment
  2. On Google Cloud: rules_js is our live example Workflows deployment