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Version: 5.9.x

Code Review

Code reviews are a critical part of the feedback cycle in any developer workflow.

Aspect Workflows supports this by participating in the code review, via our GitHub Bot.

The bot delivers build and test results directly to pull requests, ensuring you receive immediate notifications when a build begins to fail.


  1. Install our GitHub App into the GitHub repository.

Navigate to and choose "Configure". Enable it for the repository where Workflows runs.

  1. Update the Aspect Workflows configuration to enable notifications via GitHub, for example:
github: {}
  1. Request an API secret from Aspect. Populate it into the secret named aw_api_secret_* in your Workflows deployment. Alternatively, if you use a tool like vault, you can wire in the secret value from the Workflows terraform module output api_secret_id.

That's it! A comment from Aspect Workflows should appear on the review thread of the next Workflows run.


The Code Review workflow for other tools such as GitLab and Gerrit is not currently available.