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Version: 5.9.x

CI Log Storage

It is often desirable to store build artifacts in a controlled location, such as in a cloud bucket (AWS / GCP). While Workflows doesn't archive release artifacts by default during builds, it will archive test outputs such as logs and coverage data, in addition to other logs from Bazel and associated tools.


This feature is currently only support Buildkite. Other CI systems support is coming soon.

To specifiy a location for these logs, create a bucket and set the name on the runner_group.
bk_runner_groups = {
default = {
build_logs_bucket = "CUSTOM_BUCKET_NAME"

When creating the bucket on AWS, ACL's will need to be enabled by default to ensure BuildKite web links continue to work.

See using your private AWS S3 Bucket Access Control from Buildkite for more information.