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Version: 5.9.x

Infrastructure Tagging

The Workflows Terraform module makes it possible to apply "tags" (AWS) and "labels" (GCP) to various pieces of infrastructure.

Cost allocation tagging


The cost_allocation_tag and cost_allocation_tag_value inputs have been deprecated, see Custom tagging

Custom tagging

To apply custom tags to all resources created by the Workflows module, set the tags input on the Workflows module, and use tags output as an input to the AWS provider.

provider "aws" {
alias = "workflows"

default_tags {
tags = module.aspect-workflows.tags

module "workflows" {
providers = {
aws = aws.workflows

tags = {
"MyCustomCostAllocationTag": "MyCustomCostAllocationTagValue"

Adding custom tags to build resources

It may be required to add custom tags to the instances that are running builds, for example for security auditing or cost tracking. To add additional tags to any EC2 resources Workflows creates from the ASGs to run builds, set the tags attribute on the resource:

resource_types = {
"default" = {
tags = {
CustomTag : "CustomValue"

These tags always propagate to the runners, in addition to the existing cost allocation tag settings.