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Version: 5.9.x

Feature Roadmap

This page is shared with Aspect customers to:

  1. Show the relative ranking of features Aspect engineers are working on.
  2. Provide some guidance around upcoming releases, allowing customers to plan.
  3. Showcase features that are recently added to the product.

The future roadmap is always subject to change, and no delivery dates are promised.

Note that Aspect also provides a detailed, low-level Release Notes document to operators for each release, intended for a release engineer to find specific commits that may introduce risk for an upgrade.


Remote Build Execution

Workflows has always included a deployment of the excellent Buildbarn project.

Historically we did not enable the Remote Execution protocol that ships with Buildbarn. With minor configuration changes, remote executors will be enabled.


Currently dogfooding in Aspect's internal monorepo.

In March 2024 we expect to test with early adopters on AWS. General Availability on AWS & GCP to follow in Q2.

External Remote Cache & Remote Execution for local development

An independent instance of the remote cache prevents local development from introducing cache poisioning. Individual user identities will be used for authenticating usage of the external remote cache and remote execution, rather than a shared secret held by all developers.

Bazel results as Code Review comments

By installing Aspect's new GitHub App, developers can get real-time feedback from the Bazel build and test job that runs inside the CI cluster. This is in the form of comments posted to the GitHub Code Review thread. The comment presents easily-understood results of failing tasks, including instructions to reproduce and repair the problem.

Sneak peak at what build & test results will look like on PRs:

Lint results

Linters wired via rules_lint or any similar tool run as a workflows task.

When used together with our GitHub App, the results are presented in the code review as "bot reviewer" comments.

Automated Build Health monitoring

Nightly clean builds to check for build failures masked by cache hits and automatic non-determinism detection.

Per target metrics, monitoring & analytics

Per target level build metrics and observability. Monitoring for regressions in build times. Build analytics on bottlenecks and critical path for tuning and optimizing your build.

Workflows Management UI

A management UI for monitoring and managing your Workflows deployment.

Workflows Build Breakage UI

A build results UI for developers that presents key information about build & test results and helps developers get unblocked quickly.

Available Now

Format task

Workflows can report the results of running formatters, ensuring that developers remembered to run them, or installed a pre-commit hook that runs them automatically.

This is typically used with rules_lint to create the formatter binary.

Developer Remote Cache on AWS

Workflows can optionally create a separate instance of the Buildbarn remote cache, to be used by developers on their local machines.

This speeds up local builds, without introducing risk of non-hermetic actions poisoning the cache used by CI.

Delivery configuration expansion

The Continuous Delivery feature now lets users supply multiple queries to drive the delivery task, with each deliverable being able to be triggered on a different condition (or unconditionally).

This allowed one customer to deliver artifacts "unconditionally" on each build, matching the expectation of their deployment pipeline.

Self-led Bazel 101 Course for Product Engineers

Aspect Customers have access to our training course. The material is presented by our CEO, Alex Eagle.

Start at Bazel 101

Custom alarm subscriptions

Customers can choose to be alerted to potential problems by subscribing to an SNS topic.

AWS GovCloud

If you are required to run infrastructure in GovCloud, you know why you need this feature.