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Version: 1.0.x

Bazel rules for terser

terser is a JavaScript minifier.

These rules teach Bazel how to interact with the terser CLI.

Need help? This ruleset has support provided by


From the release you wish to use: copy the WORKSPACE snippet into your WORKSPACE file.


See the API documentation and the example usage in the examples/ directory. Note that the examples rely on code in the /WORKSPACE file in the root of this repo.

From a BUILD file

This is the most common usage. See examples/minify

From a macro

You could write a Bazel macro which uses terser, by calling it from a genrule or run_binary. This is illustrated in examples/macro.

From a custom rule

The most advanced usage is to write your own custom rule.

This is a good choice if you need to integrate with other Bazel rules via Providers.